National Lost Sock Memorial Day 2017

8 days, 20 hours, 44 minutes, 12 secs left until National Lost Sock Memorial Day on Tuesday, 9th May, 2017

May 9 is observed as the National Lost Sock Memorial Day. It is an unusual holiday in remembrance of our lost socks.It is a general assumption that we all have at least one pair of favorite socks. If we lose one sock of that pair, we will still hold on to the other hoping that someday we will find the lost one. The National Lost Sock Memorial Day is for that lost sock.

Losing a sock is such a common occurrence. Every closet will have at least one sock missing its pair. It is still a mystery as to how just one sock disappears, leaving behind its pair. The usual suspects are the washer and the dryer. However, even if we search through the machines, we usually do not find the missing sock.

Celebration of this Day

Novelty socks and sock parties have been popular for years now. However, Lost Sock Day is a recent holiday. Until date, no one has claimed to be the originator of this holiday. Many celebrate this day. Most people have their sock parties on May 9. Some host the actual memorial for their lost sock. Friends and family bring their lonely sock and exchange stories about it. Party games, such as finding the hidden socks, are also held. Some parties would have gift exchange of a new pair of socks.

National Lost Sock Memorial Day 2017