National Limerick Day 2017

The National Limerick Day is celebrated on May 12 in honor of Edward Lear who popularized limericks. May 12 is the birthday of the writer.  


A short, humorous poem or verse, telling a person or location’s story is called a Limerick. The limerick has five lines, with the fifth line rhyming with the first two, and the third rhyming with the forth. The name ‘Limerick’ comes from the Ireland’s city named Limerick. By understanding the structure and pattern of this style of writing, anyone can write a limerick.


There is little to no information about who started this day. The Limerick became popular though Lear’s book ‘Book of Nonsense’ in 1846. Since then, people have enjoyed the humorous snippets.

Celebrating this Day

People celebrate this day by reading limericks written by Lear and others. Some try to write limericks of their own.

National Limerick Day 2017