National Leprechaun Day 2017

The National Leprechaun Day is on May 13.

Even though Leprechauns are associated with the Irish culture, they do not share their day with the famous Irish celebration, the Saint Patrick’s Day in March.  These tiny creatures are so popular, even among other cultures, that they have been dedicated a separate day.


Irish folklore or legend portrays Leprechauns as tiny elves with hidden pots of gold. These creatures are always in hiding. This is because, if someone finds a leprechaun, then the leprechaun has to either give the pot of gold to the finder or grant him or her three wishes.

Leprechauns are usually portrayed in green suits and hats. They are said to be masters of practical jokes. Their main occupations are mending shoes and time making. Some consider these little creatures as evil spirits or fallen fairies, which are neither bad nor good. However, many like these little fellows and hence, celebrate the National Leprechaun Day for fun.

Origin and Celebration of this Day

There is no particular record to trace the roots of the holiday. Most people celebrate this day for fun and for luck. People use this day to admire their own “pot of gold” or think about ways to get or increase one.

The different activities that people do on the National Leprechaun Day are as follows,

  • organizing Leprechaun hunts,

  • watching movies centered on Leprechauns,

  • throwing Leprechaun parties,

  • playing practical jokes, and

  • eating and sharing gold foil wrapped chocolate coins.

National Leprechaun Day 2017