National Lasagna Day 2017

Lasagna is wide and flat pasta often with wavy corners. It is usually served in alternating layers having cheese, sauce and generally other ingredients like meat sauce, or other pieces of vegetable. It is generally the central cuisine of Italy with several regional variations. In few areas, specifically in the southern provinces of Italy, the sauce is mostly a simple tomato sauce and ragu, whereas in other parts, Northern Italy, a Béchamel sauce is more popular. Lasagna is a famous dish in other parts of the globe, from Europe to the Americas.

Origin of Lasagna

There are three myths on the origin of lasagna, two of which manifest it as an ancient Greek dish. The most popular story is that lasagna originated in Greek which says that it is a flat sheet of pasta dough divided into strips. The word lasagna is still facilitated in Greek that refers to flat thin unleavened bread.

The second theory says that the term lasagna originated from the Greek lasagna that means "trivet or stand for a pot", or "chamber pot". The Romans adapted the word as "lasanum", that means "cooking pot" in Latin. The Italians use this word to refer to the pot in which lasagna is prepared. After some time, the name of the food also adapted the name of the serving dish.

According to the third theory the term is taken from the 14th century English recipe "Loseyn". This believe came into existence due to the similarities in both the process described in preparing the dish and the two terms.

National Lasagna Day

National Lasagna Day falls on July 29th.  In fact taking the time out to cook lasagna is a great effort. It’s also the month of July, when running the oven for an hour in the scorching heat is not that much appealing. But still you can visit a local Italian eatery to relish all of the lasagna you want, without actually cooking it yourself. When Italians immigrated to the United States in the 20th century en masse, they brought their cooking cultures also along with them. Lasagna has become a staple food on menus in Italian restaurants across the country.

Majority of Italian or even other restaurants offer lot of discount and other free servings on this occasion of National Lasagna Day. It is time to enjoy Lasagna at discounted prices and also to taste variants of this cuisine.

National Lasagna Day 2017