National Kindness Day 2016

What does it take to be kind? Well, nothing at all! But if kindness is still such a rare commodity, it does take such a grand occasion as the National Kindness Day to reinforce the importance of something as simple as being kind. National Kindness Day traces its history back to World Kindness Movement that was initiated in Tokyo in 1997.

What is National Kindness Day?

One of the special aspects of National Kindness Day is that it is not affiliated to any political group or religious sect, which makes it perfectly neutral in its approach and outlook. And true to its word, the day is celebrated across countries giving complete freedom of expression to people interested in just being kind.

To be sure, there is a good deal of good deeds that are done by noble minds all around the world – the world, after all, is not such a bad place to be in. National Kindness Day is, hence, not just an opportunity to show your kindness on a particular day. Rather, it is an effort to underscore some of the good deeds that are done by people of walks of life with noble intentions.

Who can participate in National Kindness Day?

Sometimes, just refraining from causing harm to others in itself would be an act of kindness. If you have had an opportunity to think about others, if you know the joy that you could derive out of being altruistic, and if you believe that life is more than just about you alone, you could participate and mark your own act of kindness with National Kindness Day.

National Kindness Day 2016