National Kazoo Day 2015

National Kazoo Day is celebrated on 28th January. It is an American festival. Although not much remarkable, it has in-depth cultural importance. Kazoo is actually an instrument of making music. It is a kind of toy wind instrument. You have to hum into this mouthpiece and can make good music from it. National Kazoo Day was started by Paul Newman and Barbara Stewart in 1976. They started a considerable Kazoo Campaign to get this instrument’s popularity by that time.

The Importance:

Kazoo is a prime instrument among many American wind instruments. The device can transform the sound of anyone’s voice by thudding the membrane system. There are many musicians who can produce more than 40 sounds by this instrument. This equipment has considerable significance of American origin and is a kind of local music instrument. Hence, National Kazoo Day is given great consideration for wide celebration. If we can celebrate National Tuba Day, why not National Kazoo Day? Kazoo represents the fame of musical richness of American culture. Americans always give importance to original music and Kazoo has a special uniqueness to be one of such instruments from which many musical tones can be formed. Hence, National Kazoo Day has its significant importance in the hearts of all Americans.

Popularity of National Kazoo Day:

The popularity of National Kazoo Day is being increased day by day. National Kazoo Day has become popular because of its unique musical extravaganza. People love to play Kazoo. It’s easy as it does not require training. The day reminds the people of America to be formed its artistic culture. Some of the important facts have been found regarding the popularity of this day:

  • Kazoo can accompany some of the remarkable bands such as jug bands, minstrel shows.
  • Kazoo can be played without training. If you do practice for some time you will be well versed with this instrument.
  • Longer breath is required to play this instrument.
  • This is quite similar with an Indian instrument called flu.
  • The instrument of Kazoo costs a little; so anyone can buy and play with it. However, there are some costly Kazoo instruments too in the market.

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