National Joke Day 2017

A good laugh is the best stress buster that one can think of. So it is not surprising that among all the special days in the annual calendar, there is a National Joke Day. There is no information regarding the origin of Joke Day. Nor is there any data on who was responsible for creating this day. However, Joke day does exist and it is observed on the 16th of August each year.

Activities on Joke Day

  • The main activities on Joke Day are either listening to jokes or telling them. Everyone enjoys a joke, well, almost everyone. This is why Joke Day is so easy to celebrate. You do not need a special setup for telling jokes – it just happens. So this is what Joke Day is all about. You either tell jokes or listen to them.
  • There are get-togethers on Joke Day where people share jokes and have a good laugh. The jokes may be of different categories to make the event more interesting, for example, bar room jokes, doggy jokes, marital jokes, army jokes, sports jokes and so on.
  • On Joke Day, the radio and television is a good medium for getting exposure to jokes. So do turn on your radio or television to find channels which are observing Joke Day and you can be entertained with jokes, good and bad.
  • The internet is a powerful means of making contact with jokes. You can be sure that there will be a lot of humorous stuff available on Joke Day. If you have a good repertoire of jokes, then this may be the day that you can share your jokes with others by posting some of your best jokes on the various websites which invite such postings.
  • You can organize a joke party, where the theme will be jokes and pranks with all the guests contributing something humorous. The party can be made even livelier by making it a funny costume party, with guests dressed up as clowns and other funny characters.
  • If Joke Day falls on a working day, which is quite likely, do not be discouraged. You can spread humor around in your workplace. You will find that it is quite contagious, and once your colleagues get going, you may even find your bosses joining in the fun!


So this August, mark out Joke Day on your calendar and get set to have a day of fun and humor. So set aside your worries for a day, on the 16th of August, and get ready to laugh and share your laughter with others. Remember, laughter is, as always, the best medicine.

National Joke Day 2017