National Joe Day 2015

National Joe day is celebrated every year on March 27. It is a not an official holiday, but widely celebrated since late 1800. During this time Joseph had become a very popular name and the trend continued even into the 21st century. So, this day is in celebration of the name ‘Joe’.  There is another version to the celebration. This is a day when people are allowed to change their name for a day. Since it is such a popular name, you could have yourself called Joe on this one day.

Things to do on this day

  1. Wake up on Joe day and celebrate a new you. Discard your old name and have people call you Joe for today. If you are a girl you could be called Joe as in Josephine or Jody.
  2. Record your name and its meaning and what it stands for in a journal.
  3. For the drastic and dramatic ones, this day could well be the day to change your name for good. If you have been deliberating on this thought, then go ahead and take the leap. Approach the court and petition for a name change.
  4. Celebrate by organizing a Joe party. Wear masks and introduce the new you to everyone.


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