National Inventors Day 2017

National Inventors’ Day is celebrated on February 11th in United States of America. On this National Inventors’ Day the nation will discern the contributions of Inventors. National Inventors’ Day is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison, who is one of the most valuable inventors in United States of America.
In 1983 Ronald Reagan the president of United States of America declared National Inventors’ Day on Feb 11th. He told the Nation that, this day should be celebrated to recognize the inventors by ceremonies and activities.

Thomas Alva Edison, who survived from 1847 to 1931, had over 1093 US Patents Published on his invents.

Some of the inventions which he did are:

  • Candent light bulb
  • The motion picture camera
  • The Phonograph
  • Early Printing Telegraph

You can find his last breath, in Edison’s Menlo Park Lab which is sealed in a Test Tube and some of the memorabilia are domiciled at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan.
On national Inventors’ Day people can have a Field trip to National Inventors Hall of Fame, which is located in Akron, Ohio.

Most of the countries do not celebrate the National Inventors’ day, and the countries which celebrate and identify the Inventors Day will do on different days.

The countries which celebrate the National Inventors’ Day on different months and days are


The National Inventors’ day in Argentina is celebrated very year from 1986, on September 29th. On this day they celebrate the Invention of Ball point pen by Laszlo Jozsef Biro.


In this country the National Inventors’ day is celebrated on November 9th of every year. This day celebrates the birth day of Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr and Austrian born inventors who invented the frequency-hopped spread spectrum.


To memorialize the day of remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Thailand will celebrates Feb 2nd as National inventors’ Day who is allocated as a Patent for a slow speed surface aerator.


National Inventors’ Day in Moldova is celebrated since 1995, at the end of June every year.

National Inventors Day 2017