National Impotence Day 2017

On February 14 we all celebrate St. Valentine Day but very few of us are aware of the fact that this day is also marked as National Impotence Day. It is a health event that is required to dote on so that awareness is raised among the public and health professional about the erectile dysfunction.

Sexual Dysfunction or impotence is a sensitive issue to which many of you are reluctant to discuss. Such dysfunction can extend itself to the inability to achieve and maintain the erection. We need to address the problem very sincerely and in a healthy and positive manner. The UK government has declared February 14 as the National Impotence Day throughout the country. It has been observed that sexual dysfunction can result in many diseases such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, hormonal disease, medication and stress.

As the popularity of Valentine Day is very high this is the only reason why the very same day is observed as National Impotence Day and this will bring more awareness among the people about its condition and its various aspects. With the right knowledge and treatment a person can be properly assessed, diagnosed and treated.

National Impotence Day:  The Sexual Dysfunction Association was earlier known as the Impotence Association and is the organization that is formed to help the men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Research have suggested that out of 10 men one man suffers from impotence but the medical practitioner believe that men are still shy and do not treat this condition with seriousness. It was an attempt to draw attention of the people on this vital issue that Valentine Day was declared as National Impotence Day. The only aim behind this was to raise the awareness about impotence or erectile dysfunction and is required in both the common public and medical profession. The focus that is given to it through Valentine Day helps in educating the people about the various treatment available for the same and also helping them to get in touch with the specialist practitioner who treat such dysfunction.

Another reason for this focus is that impotence has been a warning signal for other health issues and has been ignored lately. To call Valentine Day a National Impotence Day is a small way of bringing impotence to a level of higher consciousness. It is not a day for celebration but a day to call for an action for those men who are suffering from such dysfunction but they are not ready to accept the fact out of fear and guilt.

By holding a special event about this fact and making it a National Impotence Day more awareness is spread about impotence and men suffering from erectile dysfunction get a day to call it their own. On this day you can help yourself in gathering more and more information about the condition and connect with people suffering from the same and also can come in contact with an effective treatment option for the problem.