National Ice Cream Soda Day 2017

If you love Ice Creams and Soda, then this is the day meant for you. Every year June 20th is celebrated as National Ice Cream Soda day. Ice Cream soda is a frothy drink prepared by mixing few scoops of ice cream in Soda.


We could not find since when exactly the national ice cream soda day began but ice cream soda was invented by Robert Green in the year 1874 in Philadelphia. Robert Green used to sell Soda Ice in Philadelphia and one day he ran out of ice. He then added vanilla ice cream to soda and sold it. The Soda ice cream mixture was an instant hit and Robert Green’s earning increased from $6 to $600. Green was so proud of his invention that he had his grave bear the engravings –“Originator of the Ice Cream Soda”.

How to Celebrate:

There are many ways you can celebrate national ice cream soda day. You can go out to an ice cream parlor alone or with friends and enjoy varieties of Ice Cream Soda. You can also prepare different varieties of ice cream soda at home and invite your friends or family members to the treat or can simply relax at home and enjoy it with your kids.

National Ice Cream Soda Day 2017