National Hugging Day 2017

Everybody needs a hug at some point of the day. For this very reason to promote the necessity of a hug, January 21st is considered to be the national hugging day. You can hug anyone you want. The beauty of a hug is it explains you care for them and you love to be with them. It’s an emotion of assurance and it also tells how much you miss that person. A hug is like a genuine outburst of emotion. You cannot hug someone if you don’t feel like. This is much bigger than a shake hand.

You must have experienced the therapeutic feel you get when someone hugs you. That is the very reason why you need to give a hug to someone who you care for and love. There is not much one can do while on National Hugging Day. It has a completely cost free celebration as it won’t cost you money to hug someone. This article will give you little insight on how the day became national hugging day.   

Origination of National Hugging Day

The first national hugging day was celebrated in Caro, Michigan in 1986. It was started by Rev. Kevin Zaborney in Caro. Later it was patented and made into a national day where people started celebrating openly in the US. As the custom of hugging become popular it slowly started spreading around different countries.

In the present day, the National Hugging day is celebrated in Canada, England, Australia, Poland and Germany. We all thank Rev. Kevin to dedicate a day which is officially for hugging people. The wonderful joy in hugging people is unexplainable.

People participate on national hugging day by keeping a count on how many people they have hugged on that day. Mostly a group of friends get together and decide to go in their separate ways so that you don’t bump into each other. They go around hugging people and count with their portable counter every time they hug someone. The person who comes back hugging the most number of people wins. This is simply a game you can award the person if you want.

There is no grave importance of the national hugging day. On this day we just have an opportunity for us to forget who we are and what caste or creed we are from and go and

appreciate people just for what they are. By hugging someone you are not trying to make a statement, you are just being a human.!

Reason to Hug on World Hug Day and what does it feel on National Hug Day:

  • An hug can make you feel Happy! and scientifically our bodies release hormones associated with happiness.
  • Hugging helps reduce the stress levels in body.
  • An hug reduces the person's pain and helps him to recover fast.
  • Study and research states that a hug would increase the ease in flow of blood in body.
  • Hugs are similar to that of Food and water to babies that increases the child development & produces enough amount of warmth necessary to the child.
  • An Hug can describe more than what few words make them feel.
  • A hug is to describe that you care, love and reduce the pain.
National Hugging Day 2017