National Honesty Day 2017

“Honesty is such a lonely word”, says Billy Joel in his evergreen hit song, Honesty. And so true that is. Today we live in a world where no one says or does what they mean. The world runs on lying and deceit. So it is not surprising that a day has been created which is dedicated to honesty. National Honesty Day is celebrated on the 30th of April each year.

National Honesty Day was founded by M Hirsh Goldberg who ironically wrote a book of lies. This day brings to mind the honesty of our American forefathers George Washington and Abraham Lincoln who inspires us to emulate the same principles.

Activities on National Honesty Day

  • The most obvious thing to do on this day is to be very honest to others as well as to yourself.

  • This day is a day when you can be introspective about the way you are living your life and how you deal with others. If you are honest with yourself, you will probably find some room for improvement which may result in a better you.

  • The best thing to do on National Honesty Day is to spread the word of honesty around. You could arrange to meet and talk to people about the virtues of honesty and enlighten them about how easy it is to be honest.

  • A good thing to do is to meet a person who you have not been entirely honest to and clear your conscience by behaving honestly about the matter and try to clear it up.

So, this year on National Honesty Day with so many things to do, make sure that you have an agenda ready so that you can make it a day to remember.

National Honesty Day 2017