Hat Day 2017

Hats have been the style statement since the early 1800’s. It was known that, people who wore hats were the gentlemen or rather the elite people of the society. For all those of you who want to feel like you are one among the elite people this is for you. You can try being that old fashioned gentleman on January 15th. This date is considered to be the official National Hat Day.

People wear hats on this day just so that they can experience the old elegance of those days. Hats are in a way really cool to have. When we come across a person who is wearing a hat we instantly have a positive impression on them. Hats give a kind of sophistication to your attire. This is one of the main reasons why people were judged by the kind of hat they wore in olden days. We all remember some of the famous personalities like Abraham Lincoln for his famous hat. There are many other people in the contemporary time who have again started the trend of wearing a hat. Michael Jackson for example has revolutionized fashion my introducing a hat to a normal jeans and plain shirt. He used a hat as a prop in most of his dances and created a path breaking style in dance.


There is no evidence of when and how the hat day is started. For kids who are in school, though it is considered a big event, you are not given a holiday. This day is rather celebrated quietly with people coming up wearing different style of hats on them. Everyone chooses a hat which projects the character of the person. Hats are just another kind of head gear which will either make you look good or just makes you look like a nerd (if you don’t choose the right one).

What do you do on Hat Day

For those of you who are still willing to celebrate hats day in your own style then there are few things you need to learn about the Hat Day. It is not only a style statement but also it helps you conserve the body heat. It is said that the maximum percentage of the body heat is released from the head. So by wearing hat you are technically stopping the body heat from leaving your body.

On the Hat Day, you need to wear a hat! Now which hat suits you is all you have to decide. There are different types of hats. Some of the famous hat styles are the cowboy hat, the baseball hat also known as caps, army hat, sports hat etc. We can see from the old movies, everyone wears a pointed hat which looks very sophisticated. The cowboy hat is also another famous type of hat which is mostly worn in the Mexican countries. Even today in some countryside towns there are people who wear the hat as a matter of pride.

In army, a hat which is given to you has great sentiments. Army officials treat their hat with utmost respect. In sports the hats either carry sponsor’s logo or their country emblem.

To celebrate this day you simply have to wear a hat whenever you are going out. You can keep changing your hat all day. Some people rent a hat so that they can live a day like the cowboy they have imagined to be when they were kids. Hats change your appearance completely and make you look more handsome and intelligent.

There is another Hat Day which is celebrated in Britain. The Traditional Thursday on the Great British Beer festival is considered to be Hat day. The 4th of August is considered to be the British Hat Day.

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Hat Day 2017