National Gumbo Day 2015

Celebrating National Gumbo Day In This Way

Monday is National Gumbo Day, and even for individuals who don’t understand what it is usually, gumbo is an abundant stew full of meat, shellfish for example shrimp, celery, peppers, okra as well as onions and offered over a bed of rice. When you love getting into a container of piping very hot soup on a chillier afternoon or perhaps evening, you’re in good fortune. Oct. 12 is National Gumbo Day! Although the sources of the annual meals holiday are unidentified, Louisiana is well known to do this special dish.

Just in case you’ve never utilized it, gumbo is an abundant, thick stew full of a variety of delicious treats. While you will find different categories on this fabulous stew, apart from the basic roux, gumbo generally includes shellfish, vegetables and/or mutton and is offered over rice.

Importance of the day

For all who did not had the enjoyment of sampling this delightful bowl, gumbo is an excellent stew generally full of meat, shellfish, celery, peppers as well as onions and then served over a bed of rice. A bowl that started out of Louisiana in the 18th millennium , gumbo is becoming a main of New Orleans-esque food and has exploded in difference not only in the southernmost areas of the USA, but the globe generally. It is really declared that gumbo, similar to Louisiana generally, is a exquisite mix of various components which has introduced and also blended a tradition as a whole. There is certainly a solid debate over the correct origin of the gumbo bowl. Many think that the authentic star recipe created out of various interpretations of standard West African cuisine, although you will discover people who believe that gumbo was resulting from French cooking food ideas and also technique.

How to celebrate the day

You will discover 3 main kinds of gumbo based on the thickener utilized. Gumbo could be thickened with okra (bamia), an African vegetable; filé natural powder dried out and ground leaves of the sassafras shrub; roux, the French thickening adviser made from wheat flour and also fat. Gumbo is generally ready in advance since it frequently simmers all day long.

Gumbo is normally offered hot instantly from the pot it had been cooked in. It could be offered with bread since the sole program in a meal. Creole gumbo is often offered over hot rice. To enjoy the National Gumbo Day, treat on your own to the best known Louisiana dish!


Although gumbo is a yummy stew-like dish that started in Louisiana, the term originates from an African word for okra that could be the vital ingredient useful for thickening. Make use of any kind of combination of meat to create a meat-based gumbo that may include chicken, duck, squirrel, or rabbit. Or even utilize any mixture of seafood that commonly includes shrimp, crabs or even oyster. It is far from recommended that you mix meat and also seafood in an exact stew. Maybe you could make a meat gumbo previously and a seafood gumbo at all over again.