National Golfers Day 2015


Often commemorated on October 4th each year, National Golfers Day is an honor for all golf players, novice, professional and sport lovers. This event is supported by the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) since its establishment in the year 1952.

How to celebrate This Day

National Golfers Day can be celebrated by inviting people to play golf by paying a minimal amount of entry fee, the proceedings of which are given away for a social cause.


A fact that many did not know is that when the first National Golfers Day match was played, celebs Bob Hope, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were present. The first Golf match held in Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, Lemont raised $80,000 for a charity.

Things to do on This Day

National Golfers Day calls for a celebration of Golf sport. This day invites all professional golf players to play golf and contribute an amount in the form of entry fees which is then given away for a social cause.

National Golfers Day 2015