National Fudge Day

An Interesting Holiday called Fudge day

Milk, Butter and Sugar are combined to create a delicious confectionery called Fudge. Add your favorite flavor and you can create so many varieties, including pecan, caramel, peanut butter and of course chocolate to name just a few. Every Year June 16th is celebrated as National Fudge Day. This day is dedicated to celebrate a sweet delight which is believed to have evolved from a seventeenth century candy called Scottish Tablet. Chocolates were not used in the preparation of the Scottish Tablets, which had a much harder texture.

What is the Importance of the Day?

Fudge is a favorite and popular sweet across all ages. Although not much is known about the origin of the day there is no denying the importance of the day dedicated to such a delightfully tasty sweet. There are so many interesting variations of the original recipe that today it is increasingly difficult task to locate the original recipe or the origins of the dish. Besides the traditional recipes passed down from generation to generation, a quick search on the internet will yield many interesting variations including fudge ice cream.

Wondering How to Celebrate the Day?

Just in case if you are wondering how to celebrate the day, you could either pick up some fudge in your favorite flavor at any local chocolate shop. Alternatively, you could whip up a batch if you had the time and inclination to cook. The importance of the day lies in celebrating the day with friends and family. Just as the name of the day suggests, celebrations involve sharing and eating store bought or home cooked Fudge and all activities are planned around this idea.

The Origins of the Day are Obscured

Not much is known about either the creator or the  origin of this popular holiday. Regardless of the origin of the day, this holiday is very popular with long lines in front of chocolate stores and supermarkets. There are many who claim that a batch of improperly cooked cookies were named “Fudge” derived from “fudging,  a verb which means to do something awkwardly. Activities to celebrate the day range from the ordinary to the bizarre. The emphasis is on having a fun filled day. The sky is the limit when deciding themes for the competition. We have a few ideas if you are stuck for inspiration and wondering how to celebrate the day.

Fun Activities on Fudge Day

The list of interesting activities that could make the day more enjoyable is not very large. One activity just stands out as a unique manner of showcasing the importance of the day and deserves a special mention. Using the traditional recipe for  fudge, try creating your own unique flavored Fudge. After all, what would better a day to try out some unique and new flavors than the one that celebrates the importance of  fudge! Try deciding the winner of the fudge that has the strangest taste, yet edible flavor or even the most unique looking one. You could even plan it as a competition at your school, office or local community; with the winner being crowned ‘Ms. Fudge’!

National Fudge Day