National Frozen Food Day 2017

It was in the 1930s that a person called Clarence Birdseye invented the concept of frozen food through the quick freezing method. This soon became a popular choice of people on the move who did not have the time to make home-cooked food on a regular basis. Then, in 1984, the US President, Mr. Ronald Reagan proclaimed the 6th of March as National Frozen Food Day.


  • Frozen food is processed by quick-freezing of packaged food under pressure at -25°F to -45°F.

  • This phenomena was discovered by Clarence Birdseye who observed that in the cold weather, fish froze almost instantly once out of the water.

  • The fish retained its taste even after being frozen a few months.

Activities on this Day

  • The most obvious activity on National Frozen Food Day is to consume lots of frozen food. Start your day with some frozen food for breakfast like sausages or bacon for non-vegetarians and some vegetarian frozen delights for vegetarians.

  • You should follow the trend for the rest of the day by having a frozen food lunch and dinner (maybe a TV dinner, one that’s been stuck in your freezer since Christmas?).

  • For the organically inclined, this is a great day to indulge in frozen organic delights and you can spread the awareness about to benefits of organic food, too!

  • Another frozen food not to be forgotten on National Frozen Food Day is ice cream. Have lots of ice cream and other frozen desserts on this day.

National Frozen Food Day 2017