National French Bread Day 2017

The other name for French bread is baguette. As the name suggests, this bread was first made in France. Unlike regular, square bread, French bread is thin and roughly round in shape. It is usually about 26 inches long but can be as long as 40 inches.

History of French Bread

Although the word “French bread” came to be used since 1920, extremely long loaves, some even up to 3 feet in length are known to have been used since reign of Louis XIV. In 1920, a law was passed that bakers could not bake before 4 a.m, which prevented them from baking regular bread.

French bread could however be baked, as it needs less time to bake that regular bread. Today it is a popular form of bread throughout the world. As a token of appreciation to this humble but tasty accessory to so many meals, a special day is dedicated to French bread. National French Bread Day is celebrated on the 21st of March each year.

Things to do on National French Bread Day

  • On this day, you had better have a baker lined up, a real good baker. Because you are going to have to stock up on lots of crusty, soft-centered French bread. Make sure that you know when your baker bakes the bread so that you can enjoy freshly-baked bread.

  • The beauty of French bread is that it goes well with so many different types of meals. It can be eaten with breakfast, lunch and dinner and at all times in between, too. So make sure that you line up a nice meal that goes with French bread to give your family a meal to remember.

  • National French Bread Day is a day when you can literally “bake bread” with your friends. Stock up on lots of freshly-baked French bread and visit friends to reinforce your friendships.

  • Ever baked bread before? National French Bread Day is an ideal day to take the plunge. It doesn’t matter whether your French bread is professional or not. Just pull out a recipe for French bread from a cook book or the internet and give it a try.

So you can be rest-assured that there are enough and more activities on National French
Bread Day, so don’t you miss out!

National French Bread Day 2017