National Frappe Day 2015

National Frappe Day is celebrated on 7th October every year around the world. Frappe is a chilled foam covered coffee drink which is loved by everyone. It has got a lot of versions and variants available in the market. It not obvious that who started this day but it is a general belief that to promote this special drink across the globe people started celebrating it. Many restaurants started preparing various varieties of the frappe like vegan frappe, orange frappe, coffee date walnut frappe, toasted coconut frappe and many others. They also offer huge discounts to the visitors on this special day to attract more customers. There are many traditional frappes prepared on this special day to make the visitor happy. Nowadays it has become so much popular in almost all the places and is being celebrated in various ways to make it creative and innovative.

How to Celebrate the Day: 

National Frappe Day is celebrated with all happiness and merriment at different locations. In many countries the National Frappe Day has been observed as an unofficial holiday also. People do party and meet on this special day with their friends and enjoy the various frappes and snacks. They take frappe followed by the lunch and dinner. In various restaurants, picnic spots, hotels and public gatherings people enjoy beverages like frappe. At many places recreations activities are organized where people come to learn about the recipes, styles, variants and methods to prepare the excellent juicy frappe. Families make the beverage and offer to their neighbors as a token of love.


There are numerous activities organized on the special National Frappe Day across the globe with all the fun and adventures. Many fests and competitions are also held and chefs show their talent by preparing the various variants of frappe. One can go to the restaurant and can order these delicious drinks to enjoy the taste. There are many hotels which are sending their chefs to participate in the various competitions held across the globe. They try to spread the different cooking styles everywhere. Apart from this kids also prefer to have frappe with their meals. Government is asking the participating members to come up with new ways of celebrating this special day and many themes have been developed to organize the events. This day is also being promoted on face book by creating a separate page there .It gets a lot of traffic and people post these views and comments.

Importance of the Day: 

National Frappe Day has a very important role because it offers an opportunity to stretch out our taste buds to the maximum. People check out the drinks from other places and add them also in their soft drinks frappe list. Various chefs also show case their talent by preparing different drinks .Due to this day only various ranges of frappe has been developed like Cranberry Frappe, Skinny Pumpkin Frappe, Italian Frappe Pastries, Caramel Frappe and many other are coming every day. 

National Frappe Day 2015