National Foundation Day 2017

National Foundation day is a National holiday which is celebrated in Japan every year on February 11th. National Foundation Day is very remarkable for Japanese as it is considered the foundation of Japan nation. The legendary emperor Jimmu is the key leader to form Japan nation.

History of National Foundation Day:

According to lunisolar calendar, News Year’s Day is the origin of National Foundation Day.

The Foundation of Japan by Emperor Jimmu was celebrated on National Foundation Day based on Nihonshoki, which states that on the first day of the first month Emperor Jimmu ascended to the throne. In the Meiji Period, the government of Japan nominated the day as a National holiday. This is co-occurred the change from the lunisolar calendar to the Gregorian calendar in 1873. In 1872, when the holiday was originally proclaimed, it was January 29th of the Gregorian calendar, which corresponded to Lunar New Year of 1873. The people of Japanese saw it opposite to the government expectation they saw this day as just Lunar New Year rather than National Foundation Day. In reaction the government shifted the holiday to February 11 of the Gregorian calendar in 1873.

The Holiday was named as Empire Day in its original form. Kigensetsu is one of the four major holidays of Japan, which celebrates in large parades and festivals. The commemorating day is reinstated as National Foundation Day in 1966. In 1950’s National Foundation Day was a day to express love and patriotism of the Nation.

National Foundation Day 2017