National Fossil Day 2015

National fossil day 2015 date is 14th October


National Fossil Day is a nationwide celebration organized by the National Park Service aiming at the promotion of the scientific and educational values of fossils, and to build up public awareness and stewardship of fossils. The National Park Service along with its more than 130 partners, including museums, institutions, organizations and other groups, collectively work to make this event a grand success. Different countries celebrate National Fossil Day on various days with events at museums, parks, universities, and non-profit organizations. It encourages the science-based management of fossils on public lands.

Why is Celebrated?

National Fossil Day is celebrated to make people aware of the fossil heritage and to raise a greater appreciation of their scientific and educational values. Study of fossils is important as it makes us aware of our evolutionary past. Without fossils, we wouldn’t have known about the dinosaurs. Thus national fossil day celebrates these magnificent traces of prehistoric life.

How is This day Celebrated?

  • Hundreds of activities will be hosted across the countries as part of National Fossil Day celebrations, making public aware of the world’s fossil heritage.
  • National Fossil Day activities highlight natural processes that mould our planet over time to correlate with this year's Earth Science Week theme- "Our Ever–Changing Earth"
  • National Fossil Day celebrations will be accompanied by paleontologists and park rangers, sharing their fossil discoveries at special events nationwide and explain the importance of preserving fossils where they are found. Thus it is an opportunity for each person to share a sense of discovery!
  • National Fossil Day celebrations examine the diverse variety of fossils as clues for understanding the history of life, past climates, and ancient landscapes.
  • It makes people aware of the fact that fossils are non-renewable resources, thereby emphasising the importance of preserving fossils for future generations.
  • National Fossil Day celebrations encourage paleontologists to be part of the activities at local schools, parks, museums and similar settings throughout the United States.

It also promotes awareness of the paleontological resources, programs, services, and expertise of the National Park Service among the public.

National Fossil Day 2015