National Finals Rodeo 2016

National Finals Rodeo is a leading rodeo championship event organized by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association in the United States of America. Generally referred to as the National Finals or NFR, Wrangler Jeans is the official sponsor of the 10 day event. Commonly known as the World Series of Rodeo or the Super Bowl of Rodeo, this event takes place in the University of Nevada campus, Las Vegas (UNLV) in Nevada. As this event requires ‘Special dirt’, the dirt is stocked on the UNLV campus to be used in the next year’s National Finals Rodeo.

When is National Finals Rodeo Held?

Each year National Finals Rodeo takes place in the entire first week of December at the Thomas and Mack Center in University of Nevada.

National Finals Rodeo Events

National Finals Rodeo consist of

  • Bareback riding
  • Steer wrestling - Also known as Bull Dogging
  • Team roping - Divided into "Headers" and "Heelers" in 1995
    • Headers - Cowboys who rope the steer's head
    • Heelers - Cowboys who rope the steer's hind feet
  • Saddle bronc riding
  • Tie-down roping - formerly known as calf roping
  • Barrel racing
  • Bull riding

Bareback Riding

A form of horseback riding without the use of a saddle, bareback riding mandates the rider to have skill, balance and coordination to ride the horse as it is not equipped with any kind of support.

Steer Wrestling

Steer Wrestling or bulldogging, a rodeo event is a game in which the rider is mounted on a horse to chase a steer. The rider then gets down from the horse to wrestle with the steer on the ground by twisting its horns. This rodeo event gathers the concern of Animal Rights Community as they reckon this event to include practices that are harsh and cruel to the animals. This particular event also includes a high risk of injury to the rider.

Team Roping

Also known heading and heeling, this rodeo even involves a steer or a Corriente and two riders mounted on a steer. The first roper, called as the “header” ropes the face or horns and the nose of the steer resulting in “half head” in the rodeo terms while the second, also called as the “heeler”, catches the steer through a rope by its back feet, assessed as a penalty if only one log is caught by the end of the time.

Saddle Bronc Riding

Saddle Bronc Riding is also called as just Saddle bronc roar bareback bronc event. This is a rodeo event competition involving a rodeo participant to ride on a horse-back in which the horse makes an attempt to throw off the rider of his back. This event necessitates the rider to have the skill and balance to cooperate with the horse. For this event of the National Rodeo, the horses are fed a special diet for strength, dexterity and bucking ability.

Calf Roping

Synonymously known as tie-down roping, this timed event possesses a calf and a horse- mounted rider in which the latter’s goal is to catch or rope the calf around its neck, and then get down from the horse to run to the calf and try holding back atleast three legs of the calf by tying a rope in less time as possible.

Barrel Racing

This rodeo event has a horse-mounted rider who makes an attempt to form a clover-leaf shape around the barrels in the fastest time possible that are set in a predetermined style.

Bull Riding

This rodeo sport involves the rider mounted on a large bull whose aim remains to stay mounted on its back whilst the bull tries to buck the rider off him.

Championship of National Finals Rodeo

The championship of this event is awarded to the highest-earning cowboy who has consecutively won more than one event during the year.

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