National Failures Day 2017

When: August 15th is celebrated as the National Failures Day every year.


The National Failures Day is celebrated on the same day as the National Relaxation Day. The relationship is quite simple. Failures are a part of everybody’s life. So this day has been set aside so we can acknowledge our failures and make efforts to learn from them and move ahead with a positive attitude.

What to Do

On this day we can takes steps to teach our children the importance and significance of failure in life. Also to instill confidence in ourselves and our children and telling them to not stop trying for the fear of failure. It is to make them aware that failures are the stepping stones to success.

Another important fact of failure is that just because we have failed at something, does not mean that we deny ourselves the right to relax. Sometimes we might be trying so hard to get a particular job done that we forget to relax. This day also reminds us that we must relax.

On the flip side may be we are relaxing more and hence we might be failing more often. Behind every failure is a learning.

National Failures Day 2017