National Escargot Day 2017

Can you imagine there is a day to celebrate eating Escargots? Yes, May 24th is celebrated as National Escargot Day. Escargots are snails that are considered delicacy be many. However, few just run away from the very idea of eating snails.


There is no written evidence to show the origin of National Escargot Day.

How to Celebrates this Day

The best way to celebrate National Escargot day is to eat different delicacies made out of escargots. You can go to a restaurant which serves Escargots and have a plate full of it. If you are good in cooking you cook some dishes using Escargot as an ingredient or you can eat it just like that by roasting it. In France, Escargots are considered a delicacy. Escargots are a tasty appetizer and are full of protein. You can invite your friends and family members to enjoy and celebrate national Escargot day over some fine escargot appetizers. For those who cannot eat snails, they can gift Escargot day gift cards.

National Escargot Day 2017