National Dunce Day 2016

There may not be an official ‘Dunce’ organization, but there sure is a National Dunce Day. The National Dunce Day is observed on November 8.


November 8 is the death anniversary of a Scottish theologian and philosopher, John Duns Scotus. He originated the ‘Dunce Cap,’ a cone shaped hat with ‘Dunce’ or ‘D’ printed on it. According to Scotus, the cap can channel knowledge to the students. He used to be known scholar and religious leader. However, due to his political/religious stand, he was not favored in the country and his beliefs were twisted into jokes. His doctrinal theories became highly controversial. His ‘Dunce Cap’ became a symbol of stupidity and eventually was used as a symbol of embarrassment, humiliation or punishment.

Today, we do not use the ‘Dunce Cap,’ but the word ‘dunce’ is used widely to denote someone who is unwilling to learn new things or someone who is not capable of scholarship. The most frequent use of the term is in connection to government bodies or officials.


National Dunce Day can be celebrated in the same way as we celebrate the April’s Fools Day. It is just a day to celebrate STUPIDITY! A day to wear the ‘Dunce Cap’ and to do some stupid activities!

National Dunce Day 2016