National Dress up Your Pet Day 2017

The National Dress up Your Pet Day is celebrated on January 14th of every year. This is a holiday with lot of fun for the pet owners. If you are having the most stylist pet on the block, this is the time for you to go ahead, and show the world your cute companion looking even cuter in some really cool dresses designed especially for him. Well, not all pets like dressing up. Some of them are more comfortable in their furs or feathers. But if it does, it is the time for you to show its fashion sense in some fabulous outfits. Doll up your pet on this National Dress up Your Pet Day and make it a very special occasion for your furbaby.

Plan the Day

The National Dress up Your Pet Day is not just about throwing some funny and colorful clothes on your pet. This is one of those days on which you have to relive the bond between you two and show them how much you care about them. If you are having a dog as a pet, dress him/her in that smart sweater and take him out for a walk, where he can show off his newest possession to the world, especially his canine friends.

Few Things to be Kept in Mind

When you are planning to dress up your pooch or cat’s attire for National Dress up Your Pet Day, you have to keep few things in mind:

  • Personality: Always keep your pet’s personality in mind while dressing him/her up. Your regal Doberman won’t like the idea of dressing up in a pink outfit with frills!
  • Weather: The weather is also a very significant factor while choosing your pet’s dress. If it is winter, you can invest in some nice and colourful sweaters for your four-legged companion. That will not only add some style quotient to his wardrobe, but also helps in keeping him warm.
  • Comfort: Never put anything uncomfortable on your loved pet. This is worse than just being mean. Never try to dress them up in anything that might itch, or hurt and pinch their ears, or make them trip and fall.

Some More Ideas for the Day

Make January 14th a special day for your pet. Get him a toy or treat to pamper him. Doggie chew toys and catnip toys for cats are some very good options. You can also arrange for a pet party where you can invite all your friends with their four-legged partners. Prepare some pet treats and let your pooch have some really good company.

The last but not the least, arrange for a photo shoot. It is not that you will need a professional photographer for the purpose. When your pet is all dressed up, you adjust the settings to something funny and shoot some of the best snaps to share later with your friends.

Whatever your plans are for this National Dress up Your Pet Day are, make it according to the liking and taste of your pet. After all, they are our best friends and they deserve all the care and love.

National Dress up Your Pet Day 2017