National Donor Day 2017

February 14th is observed as National Donor Day; day where one can give the gift of life to someone. National Donor Day was started by the US Department of Health and Human service in the year 1998. It got the support from the Saturn Corporation and United Auto workers and also some non profit organization too joined hands in this noble cause.

While many celebrated 14th February as Valentine Day and give away cards, candy and flowers to their beloved ones. Some encourage themselves to give the ultimate gift of love by signing to become the donors of organs and tissue. With the support of US Department of Health and Human Service; Valentine Day has been designated as National Donor Day and to increase the awareness of the life that can be saved by donating organs and tissues. It is estimated that 50 lives can be touched and saved if one person becomes the donor of organ and tissue.

With the donation of Organ and Tissue people get free from dialysis treatment, give eyesight to people, help burn victims heal, joint their bones and save limbs and above all they save lives. The benefit of this act is definitely not only the recipient but also its friends and families. There are more than 6000 million men, women and children waiting for donation and life saving transplant. Thus, do not forget yourself to remind that the time taken to order flowers for Valentine Day for your beloved and the same time you can register yourself for the donor card and potentially save 50 lives at a time.

National Donor Day:  Valentine day is said to be the day of love and at the same time Donation of organ and tissue is the gift of life. Most people who donate bone marrow and blood do not look like superheroes. They are common people like you and me and they make such miracle possible only be taking the right decision of becoming a member of Donor association on National Donor Day.  Organ Donation has given life, hope and happiness to thousands of people. As said earlier one donor can save 50 lives at the same time through corneal, bone and tissue transplant.

Some non profit organization has observed February 14 as National Donor Day since 1998, and has joined hands in this noble cause. The need for organ donation is great and growing day by day. According to the recent census 105,525 people are waiting for the organ transplant and approximately 35,000 children are suffering from blood disease that can be treated only be marrow/blood stem or blood transplant. It is said that in every two minutes someone in the world needs blood and more than 39000 units of blood is required everyday to save lives.

National Donor Day gives you a chance of registering yourself for the organ and tissue donation card and you can voluntarily take part is the most noble cause and can save lives of hundreds of people. So this February 14th with the celebration of love do not forget to give the best gift of life to the world.

National Donor Day 2017