National Dog Day 2017

Dogs are considered to be Man’s best friend.  Dogs are those furry four-legged animals who cannot speak to us yet are ready to give people uncommitted love, asking for nothing else in return except a bit of food, water, a place to put their head down at night and maybe a bit of love in return. So it seems only fair to honor dogs with their own special day.


National Dog Day was founded by the National Dog Day Foundation. The motto of the foundation calls for the saving of 10,000 dogs – a day at a time. This is a day to honor dogs.

One might wonder why so much importance is given to just dogs. There are guide dogs who lead the blind, sniffer dogs who risk their life sniffing out bombs and drugs, watchdogs who protect us and our property and the list just goes on and on. So here literally, every dog has its day.


  • Dogs have earned a respectable place in society. Therefore, dogs are honored on National Dog Day.
  • There may be dog shows organized on National Dog Day. If there is one near to where you live, then you can enter your canine companion in it.
  • Even if there is no dog show, you can treat your dog in an extra-special way on this day. Spend some quality time with your pooch and give him or her some special treats.
  • National Dog Day is a day when the dogs that are underprivileged are put into focus. There will be many donation drives to collect funds for animal shelters. So, whether you have a dog or not, you can involve yourself this day by making a small donation for our less-importunate furry friends.
  • This day brings into focus the sad fact of the huge number of dogs being abandoned and brought to shelters and the numerous healthy dogs being euthanized on a daily basis due to lack of financial resources to keep them alive.
  • National Dog Day also highlights the disadvantages of pure bred dogs. On this day focus is made on the need to adopt common dogs rather than the pure bred dogs from dog farms where dogs are mass-produced like chickens resulting in physically and mentally weak animals.


dog worship
"In some countries such as Nepal and India they worship dogs"

The above activities are just a few of the many dog-oriented things one can do on National Dog Day. The main thing to remember here is that to honor and respect dogs is something that anyone can do. On this day, just do your bit and contribute to the movement to show dogs that we care for them just as much as they care for us.

National Dog Day 2017