National Depression Screening Day 2015

October 7 is officially declared as National Depression Screening Day. All over the world free depression screenings for symptoms and remedies are done. It is said that more than half a million children and adults are screened for depression and depression is one of the leading cause of disability across the world.

On October 7th the National Depression Screening Day is done for anyone who wishes can take a free and confidential screen for their mood fluctuation. Depression has the higher mortality rate than the cardiac disease. Less than a million people suffer from depression and out of that 1/3 take a drastic step of suicide attempt which causes death in most of the cases. Depression is one of the major causes of taking off from work when compared to other medical disease. A large majority of people suffering from depression do not take effective care of themselves neither they go for a medical treatment though these treatments yield impressive results.

The ones who attend screening in National Depression Screening Day can definitely count on that they will be greeted with a welcome smile and the people engaged will be very friendly and co-ordinating. The medical professional treating you will keep your information confidential and the meeting will be very private. The primary goal of the screening is to figure out whether you need serious mental support and any further evaluation is required or not. This will help you also to know yourself and about your mental health.

National Depression Screening Day is an effort to help people so that they learn if they have any kind of mental disorder or whether they are facing any sort of depression or not. Depression is characterised in many several forms; it can be a feeling of never ending sadness or hopelessness or maybe no sleep and facing trouble in eating. Overall it gives a feeling that you are unable to enjoy life and your life has become a burden on you.

There is a relevant line that explains human nature that Monsters and Ghosts are real and they both live inside us and sometimes they take over us. Depression and mental disorder is related to such victim of mind only. Depression leads the monster and ghost of your mind to take over you and make you feel that everything around you is terrible and nothing can be done and changed in the situation you are dealing with.

On National Depression Screening Day it is advisable for you to do a favour to yourself by assuming that you might be suffering from some kind of mental disorder and it will be wise step for you to get yourself screened. There will be a question arising in your mind that what is benefit you get then you must know that the potential put in for the screening will be remarkable and will yield some positive energy in you and the potential not out in will give you results that will be beyond your imagination.

National Depression Screening Day is observed to give you a chance to know about your mental health and it also gives you a chance to make this world free of depression.

National Depression Screening Day 2015