National Dentist Day 2017

A dentist is not one of the most popular persons around. In the case of toothache, most people would rather be anywhere else than sitting in a dentist’s chair but once the dentist’s work is done, there are few who will not have a word of praise for their dentist. So, in the light of all this, a special day has been allotted to honor dentists. The 6th of March is National Dentist’s Day.

Things to do on this Day

  • The first thing you should do on National Dentist Day is to get active with your dental care. Maybe you haven’t been looking after your teeth the way you should.

  • You can start by giving your teeth good floss and having a good look at your teeth; maybe they need to be professionally cleaned or treated.

  • Pull out your dentist’s telephone number and give a call just to give your greetings of the day. Your dentist is definitely going to by happy with that.

  • On this day, it would be a good idea to spread awareness about dental hygiene and you could start with your own family, especially your children.

  • Do not forget to have your teeth checked up on National Dentist Day. You could even give a call to your family members and friends to remind them to do the same.

  • You could give your dentist a token of appreciation in the form of a card or a gift.

  • Last but not the least! don’t forget to replace your toothbrush on this day.

National Dentist Day 2017