National Cucumber Day 2017

The concept of celebrating National Cucumber Day has been the idea of Waltham Abbey Town Partnership although it has been unconditionally celebrated and sustained by Lea Valley Growers.  Lea Valley is renowned growers of salad and they produce 75% of cucumbers.

National Cucumber Day is held every year on 12th May at CueFest since the year it has been known. This year fourth National Cucumber Day falls on thursday and is celebrated at CueFest.


The main purpose of celebrating National Cucumber Day is to raise awareness of our local salad industry, to raise funds for local charities and to give everyone a great day out!
Many of us do not know that cucumber is a fruit consisting of 95% of water. Besides, The potassium and other vital vitamins present in this fruit helps restore water to your body and remove the toxins in addition to being good for eyes and skin.

A rare fact is also that cucumber helps fight against different types of cancer due to the presence of lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. This 15 calorie fruit contains no saturated fat or cholesterol but a rich source of dietary fiber aiding to minimize constipation.

To make aware of all these benefits of cucumber the festival event was celebrated wholeheartedly and enthusiastically with the support of Lea Valley Growers.

Types of events:

Live music and dance, children’s arts & crafts and hands on activities, local clubs and business stands, sports and leisure, health and beauty, the famous cucumber relay race and of course lots of food - not just cucumbers!

National Cucumber Day 2017