National Cordon Bleu Day 2015

The name cordon bleu is French for blue ribbon that was worn by the French Knights famous for the delicious dinners that they hosted. A day was set aside to celebrate this dish and called it National Cordon Bleu Day. April 4th is the day for preparing and relishing this European delicacy.

So what exactly is cordon bleu? Well, it is a tasty dish made from chicken breast, ham and Swiss cheese slices. The recipe is quite simple; but the results are amazing. People just go wow over this protein rich food.

To begin with get a slice of chicken breast and flatten it thin using a potato masher. Then place a slice of Swiss cheese on it and then a slice or two of ham. Wrap the chicken around and secure the ends with toothpicks. Lace with bread crumb and place it in a pan of melted butter. Pour a cup of chicken stock into the pan and place a lid over it. Simmer and wait until it cooks. Once done, place the cordon on a plate and garnish with white sauce made from cooking corn flour with milk. Your cordon bleu is ready to eat. Just remember to get the toothpicks off and serve hot.

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