National Compliment Day 2017

Compliment day is being commemorated on January 24th every year. It is Americans’ national compliment day.

Compliment day has become very special nowadays! It is being celebrated in the most parts of the world apart from the USA. The day represents a positive tone. A positive atmosphere is much important in a work place. If a work place turns monotonous without giving considerable notice to its development then work cannot be done in a proper manner. Compliment day brings friendliness to all. It gives fame for work. It brings positive hopes among employees. Giving a compliment for anyone’s work is a great way of rendering positive feelings towards good work. If a man or woman gets a compliment for his/her work then he/she will get significant support to do fine tuned work more and more.

Good Tips to Celebrate Compliment Day:

Offering honest praise:

Always be fair to offer praise, which should be honest. Giving honest praise is the most important thing to create harmony on your mutual relationship. Do not flatter anyone. Flattery turns you into a fool. If you flatter someone unnecessarily he/she may break off your friendship or relationship forever.

Offer compliments on the right time:

It is always better to wait for the right time to come before you make any praise or compliment to someone on this day. You may remember good work done by that particular person in the past and offer compliment to him/her on this day. Rhythmic manner of praising is applicable here. It means – you should not offer compliments to someone without any context. Wait for the context to come to your way and offer a compliment to him/her at that moment.

Offer specific compliment:

Do not offer vague flattery to anyone on this day. Find a specific reason for praising and then offer a compliment that exactly suits. If you say someone’s dress is looking good say why the particular dress is good to him or her. Do not simply say, “You are looking nice.” It means offer a compliment with the description that suits to your compliment to him or her. Offering specific compliments always helps you to be perfect from your side. However, people do not like wide ranging compliments. But if you find something specific and praise someone, he or she will rely on your saying, because you have given good attention to him or her.

The benefits of Compliment Day activities:

Positive Sense:

Compliments always help people to be positive in his or her attitude. It is actually a day of being positive. The day reminds us to be positive and say positive to anyone. The sense of positivity empowers optimism and optimism helps us to live in a better way.

Good Trust:

Trust is a matter of having good attitude to someone. Trust comes from compliments. When you offer compliments to someone the trust factor between you will increase a lot.

Constructive qualities among colleagues:

Offering compliments is necessary among colleagues, in the work place that helps to build up a constructive quality. Constructive quality is essential for the development in the work place, which impacts positively on the output.

Feeling great:

The sense of feeling great is very important while working. Feeling great is like a tonic of working good.               
In fine, compliment day is to celebrate worldwide to have a great bond of friendly atmosphere, particularly in the work place.

National Compliment Day 2017