National Cheesecake Day

Amongst the myriad food holidays observed in the United States the National Cheesecake day is also celebrated on 30th July each year by foodies of all denominations. It is a holiday not sanctioned by the state or a congressional review but declared by the taste buds of thousands cheesecake lovers. Cheesecake is a dessert of thick fresh cream over a bed of crispy crackers embellished with pretty much anything from nuts to fresh fruits.


Cheesecake cakes come from an ancient tradition of desserts, from ancient Greece to the Romans; all had their variations of cheesecakes.

In the United States of America, cheesecake is of two types, the rich type with cream cheese, full fat cream and nuts.  The second type is lighter but creamier too, made with sour cream.  Both types are stuffed and layered with all the fattening taboo ingredients.   Just so you can eat without guilty twinges of conscience, there is the National Cheese Cake Day.

National Cheesecake Day Celebrations

  • Cheesecake being such a delicious treat, a holiday in its honor allows people to indulge, without counting calories or looking for fat free options.
  • On National Cheesecake Day celebrate by eating your favorite cheesecake or better still bake your own and then gorge.
  • Restaurants, malls and other joints offer cheesecake of all types at half rates.
  • The cheesecake factory offers its newest flavor of cheesecake at half the price, loaded with chocolate, thick cream and Chocó chips along with the dine in option.
  • Check out all other cheesecake offers at Cheesecake factory so you can get the best offers.
  • Local grocery stores stock all types of cheesecake. So taste a slice of each.
  • Hold pot luck with each member bringing their own special cheesecake and then gorging on all.
  • Hold a cheesecake making class, induct new devotees to cheesecake and teach them how to make it.  Next year there will be all the more people to celebrate with.
  • Cheesecake is a dessert to be enjoyed and indulged in, National Cheesecake day is tribute to an excellent comfort food.
National Cheesecake Day