National Cheese Doodle Day 2017

Cheese doodles have been around for some time now, in fact ever since 1940 when they were invented by Morrie Yohai, the owner of a snack food company. A cheese doodle is basically made of puffed baked corn which is then coated with cheddar cheese. The uniqueness of cheese doodles is that they are not fried, but baked which makes them a healthier option among deep-fried snacks. The 5th of March each year is observed as National Cheese Doodle Day.

Things to do on this Day

  • The first and foremost thing to do on this day is to stock up on lots and lots of cheese doodles.

  • Once you have stocked up on enough cheese doodles, you can call your friends over and have a cheese doodle party.

  • If you are at office, then the more the merrier – you can start a National Cheese Doodle campaign by distributing cheese doodles and organizing fun activities at office.

  • At home, you can organize games for children featuring cheese doodles. They are going to love you for that!

  • There are so many possibilities, so with a little imagination, you can spread joy all around you on National Cheese Doodle day and make it indeed, a day to remember.

National Cheese Doodle Day 2017