National Cereal Day 2017

Cereals by definition belong to a particular class of food grains, among which rice, wheat and barley are included. Today, the term cereal is used to describe “breakfast cereals”, which are processed foods which are made up of basic cereals. Today, the breakfast cereal business has become a huge industry and there are massive sections dedicated to breakfast cereals in all supermarkets.

Cereals are the most convenient form of breakfast, as they are usually made ready to eat by just adding a bit of milk and sugar. Cereals are popular among young and old alike and so it is not surprising that a special day has been set aside for this popular form of food. National Cereal Day is celebrated on the 7th of March each year.

How to eat Cereals

In line with National Cereal Day, here are a few ideas how you can make your cereal-eating experience more interesting.

  • Cereals are normally eaten with just milk and sugar. However, you can cut some fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwi fruit, peaches and apricots to make a pleasant variation.

  • Nuts like cashews, pistachios, almonds, raisins, walnuts and pecans add to the flavor of the cereal.

  • Cereals taste great when mixed with granola, which gives that extra zing to the general taste.

  • Liquid additives such as maple syrup, honey and fruit crush should not be ruled out as these can give a finishing touch to your cereal meal.

Activities on this Day

  • On this day, make sure you have a cereal breakfast. You should use a variety of cereals so that you get a wholesome breakfast.

  • As it’s a special day, share your breakfast with someone special, a friend, your parents, brother or sister.

  • When you go to the supermarket on National Cereal Day, visit the cereal section to find out about the different varieties of cereal on display. Take some home with you and you may discover some interesting ones.

  • Tell whoever you meet about what day it is so that they can tell others and as many people as possible will know about National Cereal Day.

Whatever you do on this day, make sure that cereals get their due and make sure to have lots of fun with your friends and family on National Cereal Day.

National Cereal Day 2017