National Caviar Day 2017

National Caviar Day is celebrated on 18th July every year. Caviar is processed salted roe commonly known as fish eggs. Caviar is a delicacy over the world and is quite expensive. Though Caviar is used to describe any kind of fish egg but true caviar is eggs laid by Sturgeon group of fishes. Black caviar is the best but you can also find caviar in red and other colors. There are less expensive alternatives also like caviar from other fishes including whitefish and salmon.


There is no evidence to establish the origin of national caviar day but caviar has been a delicacy since ages.

How to Celebrate:

Though caviar is quite costly, you can still indulge yourself with a serving of caviar. Caviar is not easy available and hence you need to locate a restaurant which serves caviar. Mostly, caviar is served in sushi restaurants and some elite sea food restaurants. You can also cook dishes out of caviar at home but again it is difficult to find good quality caviar in super markets. You can find caviar at some expensive grocery store or ethnic markets like Greek markets.

National Caviar Day 2017