National Catfish Day

Cat fish got its name as its whiskers resemble the cat’s whiskers. There are several types of cat fishes including electrical cat fish and naked cat fish. The fish is considered as nutritious food in some areas and is dismissed in few other areas around the world. Countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America are leading in the consumption of cat fish as food.

The fishes are farmed and consumed in high range in United States that a day is dedicated officially in recognition of ‘the value of farm-raised cat fish’. The farmed cat fish are supplied with vitamins, minerals, soybean meal and corn that enhance the taste of the fish and improve the nutritious levels.

When National Cat fish Day is celebrated?

National Cat Fish Day is celebrated annually on June 25th.

Origin of the day:

U.S. Congress had called for National Cat Fish Day and was issued Presidential Proclamation by the President Ronal Reagan. The National Cat Fish Day was designated as 25th of June in the year 1987. In the proclamation, the President mentioned the increasing percentage of farm raised cat fish. He also included that the consumption of fish provided high nutrients, low calories and proteins besides being low in cholesterol.

Celebrations of National Cat fish Day:

Cat fish lovers celebrate the day by preparing cat fish varieties and enjoy them either alone or with their friends. Many conduct small get together parties and enjoy cat fish varieties, available in the market, with co-cat fish lovers. Hotels, restaurants and cat fish sellers offer heavy discounts on the day to attract cat fish lovers. The holiday is celebrated traditionally at the location of President Reagan.

Importance of the day:

Dedicating a day for a food item is not a simple issue. Cat fish has been liked by the food lovers around the world and these food lovers have shown their appreciation by celebrating the day. This shows the intensive love towards the taste or flavor the item offers.  Though Cat fish can be eaten at any time of the year, the day is to make realize the world how many fans are carving for the delightful food item. Many show their love by eating, preparing or feeding cat fish.

Activities of the day:

The following are the activities that one can do to celebrate Cat fish day.

  • Organize a get together and enjoy cat fish varieties
  • Up load the pictures of your Cat fish party in the social websites
  • Try to prepare a dish with cat fish or learn a new variety of dish prepared in other countries with cat fish
  • Write any article on how to prepare cat fish food item and let the world learn
  • Know more about cat fish
  • Try to taste as many varieties of food items with cat fish as possible
  • Introduce to any person who didn’t taste cat fish
  • Enjoy the discounts offered by the restaurants
  • Go for fishing the cat fish
  • Visit any cat fish farm and learn the farming methods
  • Bring any cat fish variety for the home aquarium
National Catfish Day