National Cat Day 2015

National Cat Day is celebrated on 29 October, every year. The day is designated to celebrate the love and companionship the cats bestow upon us and to welcome them into our lives, those who are in need through animal rescue.

In 2005, National Cat Day was constituted by Colleen Paige an Animal Welfare Advocate & Pet Lifestyle Expert, to electrify the public to recognize the number of cats that need to be rescued each year and also to encourage cat lovers and guardians to celebrate the day for their unconditional love and fellowship.


The goal of National Cat Day on 29th October, 2014 is to offer love and facilitate the adoption of homeless cats nationwide. Estimates reveal that approximately 4 million cats get shelter every year with 1-2 million been killed. Generally, cats are overlooked and neglected because they do not have jobs like dogs. But cats can make a good pet and companion; it lowers blood pressure and alert their owner of any danger. They are the easier pets to care for; they do not require much grooming, take well to slight training and can be left with minimum supervision for prolonged period as long as there is plenty of fresh water & food.

Cats have so many different personalities and there is so much to learn about them. By watching a cat's natural behavior we can teach our children a lot about responsibility.

Our cat can be a good guide and role model for parents, whose goal is to raise an independent child.

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National Cat Day 2015