National Candied Orange Peel Day 2017

Candied orange peel is well known all over the world as an ingredient to most people. This ingredient finds its way into several confections and cakes and every baker knows its importance. All this led to dedicating a special day to candied orange peel and so on the 4th of May each year National Candied Orange Peel Day is observed.

Activities on this Day

  • On this day, at least one snack should be prepared using candied orange peel.

  • This is a day when you can make a personal contribution to the day by making some dishes using candied orange peel yourself.

  • If you are not able to do candied orange peel stuff yourself, you can get some cakes and pastries containing it from your local baker.

  • You can let your friends know about this day and perhaps call them over to your home for a candied orange peel party.

  • If you have to go to office on National Candied Orange Peel Day, you could perhaps spread the word around and you may end up with the entire office having fun with candied orange peel.

  • On National Candied Orange Peel Day, you are likely to find a lot of material on the internet about this ingredient. It might be a good idea to find out how it is made and then browse through some recipes which you might consider trying out.

Happy National Candied Orange Peel Day!

National Candied Orange Peel Day 2017