National Bunsen Burner Day 2017

Bunsen burners are to a laboratory as stoves are to kitchens. The inventor of this amazing equipment was a German chemist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen. He was born on March 31, 1811. To this day, March 31st is celebrated worldwide to honor this creator and his creation. Bunsen was no ordinary scientist. He was responsible for many important contributions to the world of science. He was a pioneer in gas-analytical methods, photochemistry and spectroscopy.

What to do on this day:

Well, for most part, this day is celebrated by the scientist community. And generally, a scientific celebration includes holding seminars and discussions on the topic close to the subject. Hence, on this day one can look up at your local university pages and attend a seminar that might be on in their chemistry department.

Alternately, you can meet a group of friends interested in science and chemistry and exchange notes on the great scientist and his contributions. This day you could read up on the scientist Bunsen and his other inventions and contributions and make a journal of the same.

If you are into blogging, then you could update your latest finds on Bunsen burner and combustion reactions in the webpage.

National Bunsen Burner Day 2017