National Bourbon Day

Bourbon, the liquor, is more involved in the American history and culture. Thus, in the year 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson has approved to designate bourbon as ‘The Official Spirit of the United States of America’. The sale of the liquor is playing a major role in the revenue. Even few other countries like China and India are also showing potential ratings in the sales of Bourbon. The bourbon makers are planning to increase the market in rest of the countries.

The roots of the origin of bourbon are in United States. The iron-free water from the country Bourbon of Kentucky district, which had surplus corn production, made the district the major producer of Bourbon whisky. Few of the characters which are hard-liquor swilling and the settings over the television as well as the increase in smaller batches are considered as few of the reasons for the increased popularity of the liquor. Now, the government has particularized to follow the specified standards for the bourbon that is made for the consumption of United States people.

When National Bourbon Day is celebrated?

National Bourbon Day is celebrated annually on June 14th. The bourbon lovers may feel happy to know that the month September is declared as National Bourbon Heritage Month.

Origin of the day:

There are no valid evidences for why the day is celebrated on the particular day. Yet, many believe that the first batch of corn whiskey was made on the same day in the year 1789 and thus the day is declared as National Bourbon day.

Celebrations of National Bourbon Day:

Bourbon lovers celebrate the day by preparing variety drinks with bourbon as a main ingredient and enjoy them either alone or with their friends. Many conduct small get together parties and enjoy variety drinks made of bourbon, available in the market, with co-bourbon lovers. Bars and bourbon sellers offer different aged bourbons on the day to attract bourbon lovers.

Importance of the day:

Dedicating a day for liquor is not a simple issue. Bourbon has been liked by the whiskey lovers around the world and these lovers are showing their appreciation by celebrating the day. This shows the intensive love towards the taste or flavor it offers. Though Bourbon can be taken at any time of the year, the day is to make realize the world how many fans are carving for the delightful and colorful liquor. The celebrations also include the patronage towards the history of the country.

Activities of the day:

The following are the activities that one can do to celebrate Bourbon day.

  • Organize a get together and enjoy bourbon varieties
  • Upload the pictures of your Bourbon party in the social websites
  • Try to prepare a drink with bourbon as a main ingredient
  • Write any article on how to enjoy bourbon at its best and let the world learn
  • Know the history of bourbon
  • Try to taste varieties of bourbon of different ages
  • Introduce to any person who didn’t taste bourbon
  • Wear a shirt with bourbon logo or picture

Bourbon Quotes

A man can take a little bourbon without getting drunk, but if you hold his mouth open and pour in a quart, he's going to get sick on it.
- Lyndon B. Johnson

I know folks all have a tizzy about it, but I like a little bourbon of an evening. It helps me sleep. I don't much care what they say about it.
- Lillian Gordy Carter

That's country music for you - bourbon and the Bible.
- Dave Haywood

One of the best moments I've ever had in New Orleans is seeing Bourbon Street filled on a weekend night not long ago. Just watching the city breathe again.
- Ray Nagin

The Bourbon King was first ambassador of reason and human happiness.
- Heinrich Mann

I remain faithful to bourbon sour. It's absolutely delicious. You'd have to ask a bartender what's in it, but I think if you know you might never have a drink. I also love a little rum, 7 years aged, brown, when it is chilly, before dinner.
- Christian Louboutin

National Bourbon Day