National Blueberry Popover Day 2017

A popover is a baked savory. It is the American response to a Yorkshire pudding. It is a kind of roll which is made of egg batter and baked in muffin tins. Popovers are available in restaurants all over the United States. They are also popularly baked at home. Popovers can be eaten as a snack or they can accompany a main course in a multi-course meal.

The earliest appearance in a cookbook of popovers is in one written by M N Henderson in 1876. Blueberry popovers are one of several variations of popovers. Since this is such a popular food, somewhere down the line, a special day has been dedicated to this food. National Blueberry Popover Day is celebrated on the 10th of March each year.

Activities on this Day

  • It is important to eat blueberry popovers on this special day. If you are going to have them in a restaurant, then it would be advisable to find out in advance which are the restaurants which serve popovers and make sure that that restaurant serves blueberry popovers.

  • If you want to keep things nice and private, then home is the place to be on National Blueberry Popover Day. Keep a good recipe handy to bake some extra-special, tasty blueberry popovers at home. Make sure that all the required ingredients are available with you.

  • If you are the social sort of person, then you may like to call some friends over and share some blueberry popovers with them. This may well turn out to be a good opportunity to catch up with friends and acquaintances that you have not seen in a long time.

  • If you have children at home, you can include them in your popover baking spree. This could turn out to be a valuable bonding experience with you and your little ones.

  • If it’s a holiday, then even better still. Make lots of blueberry popovers, and load them in the car along with other stuff you may need and go for a blueberry popover picnic with your family.

Whatever you do on National Blueberry Popover Day, make sure that you have lots of fun and do share it all with your friends and family.

National Blueberry Popover Day 2017