National Black Forest Cake Day 2017

National Black forest Cake Day is celebrated on the 28th of March every year to honor the famous German pastry of all times. The origin of this celebration is not known but the cake has been around since 16th century. It was created in Germany’s Black Forest region. Essentially, Black forest is a three tier chocolate cake that is layered with whipped cream and cherry puree. The cake is further frosted with some more cream and decorated with chocolate shavings and whole cherries.

The black forest cake derives its name from the traditional costume worn by women of the region. The costume is a three piece suit consisting of a black colored skirt and bodice, paired with a white blouse. A hat with big red pompoms completes the look.

How Celebrate the this Holiday?

You can host a cake party. If you enjoy baking and if you have friends with similar tastes then you could bake the black forest cake together and enjoy it with everyone around. Alternately, you could order it from your favorite patisserie and host the party in your garden.

Send greetings to everyone through your email or Facebook. Remind them that this day is for celebrating this special chocolate cake.

National Black Forest Cake Day 2017