National Beer Day 2017

National Beer day is celebrated on the remembrance of the End of Prohibition over beer in 1933. Beer can be called “A Part of United States’ Colonial Life”. United States has around 3,000 breweries including brew pubs as well as microbreweries. Beer has its deep roots into the history of America. Beer was brewed in America before the arrival of Europeans. Today in America, it is the most popular among alcoholic beverages with the share of 85% sales.

Beer is not only popular in United States but also is the most popular alcoholic beverage. Beer is in third place among liquids taken by the human after water and tea. It is observed that the moderate consumption of beer has positive health effects like minimizing the risk of heart attacks and cognitive decline. Beer is often referred “liquid bread” because of the nutrients it includes like magnesium, chromium etc. A Japanese study has noticed that the beer containing low alcohol levels may also contain anti-cancer properties. Yet, high consumption for a long time improves the risk of liver diseases.

When is National Beer Day celebrated?

National Beer Day is celebrated annually on 7th of April.

Origin of the day

United States had prohibition since 1920. The people who brew the beer were arrested and the production and sale were considered as illegal, including the transportation of beer. After 13 years, President Franklin D. Roosevelt brought it to end by signing the Cullen-Harrison Act. The act is named after the sponsors. As per the act, the production and sale of beer, with the content of 3.2% alcohol by weight, is legalized in the United States since 7th April, 1933.

People were overjoyed and waited at the breweries right from the midnight. The day was celebrated with a great pomp with full of beer. The day is also titled “New Beer’s Eve”. Even Winston Churchill has mentioned, “The prohibition is an affront to the whole history of mankind.”

Celebrations of the day

The day is celebrated with great joy. People drink beer and gift beer to the near and dears. Going to the breweries and enjoying beer is part of the celebrations. Bars, restaurants and pubs arrange various activities on the occasion of the day.

Importance of the day

The day is important to the American beer lovers as it is a great chance to show the appreciation of the beer. The beer is involved in the culture of the Nation. The unofficial holiday is given much importance to take a chance of tasting the beer.

Activities of the day

One can choose few of the following activities to celebrate the day

  • Gift the beer to the near and dears
  • Taste new varieties of beer with different flavor and taste which is not tasted
  • Cook any recipe with beer as one of the ingredients
  • Go to the nearest brewery and enjoy the frosty beer
  • Thank the brewer for the supply and appreciate the bartender
  • Know the history of the day
  • Enjoy the beer with friends and relatives
  • Participate in the celebrations organized by pubs, restaurants and bars
  • Upload the pictures of the celebrations in the social websites