National Banana Cream Pie Day 2017

Thinking about desserts, the first and foremost thing that happens to appear in an individual’s mind is banana cream pie. Because of its popularity and taste, this traditional recipe has gained an important position in the national food holiday list. All over the United States the National Banana Cream Pie Day is unofficially celebrated on March 2nd which gives all pie lovers a chance to enjoy this rich dessert.

Origin and Fact:

  • It’s really hard to tell the origin of this excellent dessert but the recipe has been one of the favorites for many families since 19th century. Because of the easy availability of bananas and simple preparation process the traditional custard pie has been modified into luscious and tasty banana cream pie recipe.
  • Another fact that exists behind the recognition of National banana cream pie day is its ranking as the number one favorite dessert among the soldiers of US Armed Services in 1950s.

How is this day celebrated?

  • The best way to celebrate the National banana cream pie day is to prepare at home and enjoy with the family members. There are many variations in the preparation of banana cream pie but the basic recipe includes the filling of custard and banana into a pastry with whipped cream topping.
  • On the National banana cream pie day many restaurants and diners offer special menu items which include freshly baked banana pies with different fillings, chocolate shavings or caramel on the whipped cream toppings etc.
National Banana Cream Pie Day 2017