National Apricot Day 2017

History of National Apricot Day

Though many people are confused about when the National Apricot Day is celebrated, Apricot has an old history connected to it. Apricot was first introduced in 1720 in the US in Virginia. This fruit is described as a small fruit that has a velvety texture and it is sweet. The fruit is quite similar to plum and peach.

Apricot can be eaten as a fresh fruit or in a dried form. Dried apricot is very rich in calories and sugar as compared to fresh apricots. Since apricot is a sweet fruit, it is very often used in making spreads, desserts and jam. This fruit can also be served as a main course or side dishes.

On the National Apricot Day people celebrate it by making different types of apricot dishes. The apricot chicken recipe is a popular dish that is made on this day. Whenever you want to have a fat substitute dish that may have to be made with oil, then a pureed apricot can serve your purpose.

National Apricot Day

Since National Apricot Day is celebrated every year on January 9th in the United States, this fruit (apricot) is given a lot of importance and honored. As many people would know that apricot is rich in many qualities like (vitamin A) beta-carotene, Vitamin C, potassium, fiber, iron and other nutrients. Beta-carotene which is an anti-oxidant helps in curing many diseases.

Apricot has been cultivated in China since 4000 years. California is known to be one of the biggest producers of apricots in the United States. Almost 95% of this fruit is sold in a year. This fruit needs a temperate climate for its growth. June and July are considered to be the best months for their growth. January is not an appropriate month for its growth. During the remaining months, apricot is collected in bulk and people make many dishes out of it. These dishes are important to celebrate the National Apricot Day.

Other Benefits of Apricot

Since apricot contains beta-carotene, therefore when eaten it gets transformed into vitamin A. Apricot is very beneficial for the skin, hair, glands and gums. It also protects the eyes and helps strengthen bones and teeth. Vitamin A is very good as it helps to strengthen the immunity in the body. According to many researchers, apricot is the best source of beta-carotene which has a healing power. Apricot is also rich in anti-oxidants, therefore when this is combined with lycopene and vitamin C it protects the body against stroke, cancer and heart disease. Three apricots contain about 30% beta-carotene.

One can also have canned apricots as they are sweet and rich in vitamins. They also have an additional flavor to a good diet. Apricots are available throughout the season as they are stored; therefore many people make delicious dishes out of it. The National Apricot Day is therefore celebrated by making different dishes and making people aware of the importance of this fruit.

National Apricot Day 2017