National Apple Betty Day 2015

National Apple Betty Day is celebrated on October 5th every year across the globe. Though it is not yet decided as when this day actually started. But the cream of apple was very popular as dessert in the very old times. Apple Betty is the apple pie usually seasoned with various toppings like sugar, nutmeg, dates and others. An apple brown betty is also very popular and used in various dishes. On this day people prepare different dishes with the help of brownies and eat it in the big parties. There are different opinions in different regions about the special day and the way of celebrating is also diversified. Now it has been celebrated with fun and love at several places like homes, hotels, food chains, restaurants, offices, birthday parties, picnics and others.

How to Celebrate the Day

National Apple Betty Day is being celebrated with happiness and open hearts in different countries and continents. There are various celebrations held at various locations. In many locations this day is declared as a national holiday. People do get together on this special day with their friends and enjoy the dishes made of apple brownies. School going kids also get their favorite apple betty in their meals and lunch. Recreational activities are the most common celebrations where people understand the conventions, procedures, recipes, styles, seasoning, toppings and many other important aspects related to make tasty apple betty. Many professional competitions are also organized in these celebrations.


There are numerous activities celebrated on the special National Apple Betty Day. Local people take out some time and go to the outdoor locations to enjoy the party with all the fun and tasty apple betty dishes. People decide about specific location and do activities like preparing different dishes of apple betty, organizing cooking fests, calling expert chefs and others. They prepare dishes like date apple brownie, sugar apple betty, creamy apple betty and many other tasty items. National Apple Betty Day is celebrated in many social gatherings also where families come up and enjoy the party. A lot of young people celebrate this day as a big party and have all the fun and adventures.

Importance of the Day

National Apple Betty Day has very important role in bringing the people come together to promote the special dishes made of apple brownies in the most creative and innovative manner. People from different locations meet at one platform and enjoy with lots of fun. On this day many offices are closed and offer various outdoor picnics to their employees. Due to the celebrations of the day many cultures have come closer to share their unique eating habits with each other. They are adopting different ways of creating apple betty and cookies to enjoy the delicious tastes. This way it plays an integral role in strengthening the society too.

National Apple Betty Day 2015