National All Is Ours Day 2017

When we think of the entire world that surrounds us, we should also appreciate what we have rather that what we do not and is generally out of our reach. This is what All is Ours Day is about. This is a day which rejoices in the fact that the world is full of things which belong to all of us in the world. National All is Ours Day is celebrated on the 8th of April every year.

Concept of National All is Ours Day

There are two aspects to this day. The first aspect is to highlight all the wonderful things in the world. We should become more aware of our surroundings and what exists in them. The other aspect compels people to actually consider that a lot of these things belong to everyone and so they can actually be shared with all. This is where the “all” comes in.

Activities on All is Ours Day

  1. The first thing to do on this day is to spend time looking around and noticing how many wonderful things exist which can be shared with all of us. For example, the fragrance of a flower can be shared with someone by bringing to their notice what a beautiful thing exists and it is available to all.

  2. Sharing is the main activity of this day, so take time out to share something special with another.

  3. National all is Ours day is also a day of introspection. If we look around, we will realize how much we actually have to be grateful for and we should aim to be contented by what we have, rather than always yearning for what we do not.

National All Is Ours Day 2017